About The Cave

The Cave is a new cabaret event by renowned Canadian artists John Millard (composer) and Tomson Highway (lyricist). It is their distinctive and imaginative response to our planet’s precarious survival.

A group of animals hide in a cave while a forest fire rages around them. They sing about their memories, their growing anxiety, and their condemnation of the human race for evicting them from their homes. Awareness of their impending doom intensifies.

The Cave will be as entertaining as its themes are timely. The style takes its cues from Cabaret. The space will evoke both a cave and nightclub. The audience will sit at tables and be served drinks by costumed servers. Stories will be told in between songs.

The Toronto production will be streamed live to major cities, towns, small communities, Indigenous communities, and to other countries. A live event that is simultaneously watched by many people all over Canada and the world inspires and defines the spirit of the project. A space in downtown Toronto will become a national/international theatre playing in school auditoriums, community centres, theatres, wherever there is high speed internet access.