The Cave Collective

Adam Polozza (director), Martha Ross (Artistic producer) joined Tomson and John to form The Cave Collective. All of us in The Cave Collective share a desire to tell stories that address serious issues within a heightened spirit of play and daring imaginativeness. We value originality in art, as do we value and search for a means to be relevant.

The Cave aims to stimulate discussion about the world we live in within the context of excellent art and to offer an experience that is memorable and affirmative.

FixtPoint Theatre

The Cave Collective is honoured to have FixtPoint Theatre on board as a producing partner. Lisa Marie DiLiberto of FixtPoint plays an invaluable role as our Outreach person who will establish contact with our Webcast partners around Canada and abroad.

Other Members

Other members of The Cave project bring their exemplary talents to the mix:
Gregory Oh (Music Direction), Greg Sinclair (Digital Producer), Lisa-Marie DiLiberto (Outreach), Yesim Tosuner (Graphic Design).